Mobile Road Warrior - Features

Create Document:
  • ANY document type: Invoice, Estimate, or any type you enter
  • ANY document status: Open, Close, or any status you enter
  • ANY currency: $, or any currency you enter
  • ANY tax name: TAX, GST, VAT, or any tax name you enter
  • Flexible tax rate
  • Enter next document number and prefix
  • Choice of Full or Quick-n-Simple document forms
  • P.O.# and Terms
  • Travel and Work timers
  • Road expenses
  • Create Customers from your mobile device Contacts
  • Product Bar Code: auto or scan assignment
  • Product Images: auto or manual assignment
  • Client and Vendor images
  • Create product catalog
  • Enter Products and Services
  • Handles Discounts as % or amount
  • Allows fractions in quantity
  • Handles shipping: date, method, address, and S&H price
  • Capture signature and insert it into document
  • Price/Discount built-in calculator
  • Preview document before printing or e-mailing
  • Create document like existing one
  • Convert document, i.e. Estimate to Invoice

Manage Database:
  • Import your own files or use our default database
  • Import your files from QuickBooks
  • Import files in .CSV, .TSV or .IIF formats
  • Backup or Export your files.
  • Import your legal Disclaimer or other notes.
  • Works with and without data plan
  • Great customer support
  • Import your own files or create new
  • Flexible file structure - import any data you need
  • Images, creates Catalog
  • Easy and user friendly
  • Tell us what you need - we will listen to you. Our development plans are based on our customer's requests
  • Optional secure login
  • Customizable
  • For Sales, Service, Construction professionals, etc.
  • For Artists and Musicians and anybody else who manages their business on the go.

Deliver Document:
  • E-mail or auto e-mail documents to multiple e-mail addresses
  • Customize e-mail
  • Add images to e-mail
  • Print Documents
  • Print to Wi-Fi printer (uses a 3rd party app)
  • Multiple document templates
  • English and Spanish templates
  • Tax Invoice (for Australia)
  • Insert your company logo into the document
  • Insert your own disclaimer or other notes

Manage Documents:
  • Documents include Invoices, Quotes, Estimates, Orders, etc.
  • Can preview all documents
  • Modify, Convert, Create new documents like existing ones or Delete documents
  • Search documents by date, client, status
  • Create Reports